SEPA and the ISO 20022 standard it's based on can well be considered a pioneer amongst the global ISO 20022 initiatives. Very early on, they presented themselves as the rulebook for many different payment formats in the Euro zone, using a common format standard to enable cross-border and cross-system interoperability.


ISO 20022 is an ISO standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions.It describes a metadata repository containing descriptions of messages and business processes, and a maintenance process for the repository content.

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Thanks to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), customers can now make cashless euro payments – via credit transfer and direct debit – to anywhere in the European Union, as well as a number of non-EU countries, in a fast, safe and efficient way, just like national payments.

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1. Background . This document lists the countries and territories which are part of the geographical scope of the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) Schemes. The countries and territories are recognised by their ISO codes to be used in BICs and IBANs as required for the SEPA Schemes. 2.

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- EPC125-05 SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook Version 8.0 - EPC132-08 SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme Customer-to-Bank Implementation Guidelines Version 8.0 - ISO 20022 – Payments Maintenance 2009 - Message Definition Report, September 2009. - A Unique Overview of Basic “Reference Number” Models with Model Descriptions, Contents Implementation of the SEPA payment schemes uses a number of ISO Message types, which are described more fully in the following sections. ISO payment messages. In the ISO context, the standard describes the agreement on what information is expressed, while the syntax is the format or the language used to express that information.

- A Unique Overview of Basic “Reference Number” Models with Model Descriptions, Contents Implementation of the SEPA payment schemes uses a number of ISO Message types, which are described more fully in the following sections.
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camt.056 ISO 20022 Message: Definition. camt.056 ISO 20022 Message stands for “Financial Institute To Financial Institute Payment Cancellation Request”. camt.056 ISO 20022 Message: Scope. The camt.056 is the interbank format for recalling payments that have already been sent or (for SDD direct debits) to cancel them before they are executed.

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Du kan använda det här formatet om du vill generera SEPA-betalning (betalning i euro till land i SEPA-zon). Mer information finns i SEPA CT Whitepaper. För Lettland, allmän ISO20022 kredit implementeras betalning överföringsformat genom att använda funktionen för betalningsformat. Det nya betalningsformatet är tillgänglig:

JCB 15/920399 KIT -BRAKE, JCB  So please use the country codes shipped with AX2012. It is not possible to use the 2-digit. The ISO-2 code is available as a field as well, so for integration with  3.3. Les caractéristiques du prélèvement SEPA (SDD) les deux suivants représentent le code pays (ISO 3166). • les deux suivants indiquent le code de  18 nov 2020 bonifico domiciliato, accredito su conto corrente bancario o postale, libretto postale o carta prepagata con IBAN conto corrente (Area SEPA).

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SEPA (ISO 20022 XML) Credit transfer and direct debit payments Date: March 3rd, 2015 Setup a batch job to generate SEPA files 4. Go to System administration/Inquiries/Batch jobs/Batch jobs 5.